There are different schools of thought to what volunteering means and there are different definitions too. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a “volunteer” as a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service.

To volunteer means to show interest in doing a task, or rendering a service over a period of time without an intention to get paid or getting any other reward. Does this mean that there is no benefit for people who volunteer?

There are numerous benefits that come with volunteering, but volunteers often than not don’t always think about these benefits when getting into it…

Sheyi Owolabi

The Yorùbá people; one of the largest groups in West Africa, are known for the beauty of their language amongst other distinctive features the ethnic group possess.

There are two Yorùbá words however that are used interchangeably and on peculiar occasions where people are to embark on a journey.

They’ll say O dabọ (Until you return) when a person is leaving a particular place for somewhere else and they’ll say E kaabọ when a person arrives at his or her destination or returns back from the journey.

A swinging pendulum is a fitting analogy for our lives. But more than…


Growing up and attending church, one of my favourite hymns has the same title as this article. It was mostly recited when there’s going to be a transition of duties within the church or when a pastor was getting transferred.

Only remembered by what we have done!

Before our final departure from earth, which is inevitable, we would always leave from one place to the other. Maybe it’s a department switch at work, or you move into a new apartment or a different neighbourhood.

Have you ever considered how you want to be remembered when you’re no longer there?



She chose a black dress for her wedding, a chunk of the audience couldn’t believe their eyes as her father walked her down the aisle and as her husband received her with smiles. It wasn’t the emotional display that fixed the audience’s gaze, it was her choice of dress.

Question: Who wears a black dress at their wedding?

Answer: Whoever chooses to.

There are a lot of stereotypes and conventions that were made by people who most likely are “resting in peace” and others kept doing them until they looked like the norm.

Sometimes, it looks like these instructions and…

created by tirachardz — www.freepik.com</a>

Truth be said, co-founder is a catchy and fancy designation that can be attached to a person’s name. It’ll sure look good on the infographic of a zoom meetup.

However, co-founding is an enormous responsibility designed for people who fully understand these responsibilities and are willing to commit to them.

Why do we have co-founders?

Because someone somewhere has been developing an idea and are willing to turn it into a business or any other form of establishment, and they think; “Oh my, I can’t do this alone. I’ll need someone to work on this with me.” In some cases…

It could be an article for you and it could be a community project for another person, but it’s human to always expect results when we put effort into any work. In fact, the results we get from past work drives us to do more.

So there’s this feeling of failure that might want to set in when people don’t get the exact result they expect to get from a particular endeavour and this sometimes wants to make them throw away the entire experience.

There’s a win in every attempt, and there’s a lesson to learn. Every step taken in…

Illustration done by Nick Wells

It’s one of the longest war I’ve fought in my head. Starting a business isn’t something I’ve always fancied for not too meaningful reasons, but I knew I didn’t want that feeling of having to please a lot of people with either the products I sell or the services I render. Put simply, I didn’t want to sell anything to anyone!

I love growth and I was aware that it doesn’t happen when you’re stuck in your comfort zone. Challenges have a way of bringing out some part of us that we never knew existed.

Complementing the Holy Spirit in…

“You mean you work five days a week, four weeks a month without an actual pay?” If you work as a volunteer or you have, then you’ll be familiar with this question.

People work as volunteers for reasons best known to them. This isn’t about the benefits of volunteering,rather it’s about the transition from a place where you work for free to a place where you’re paid a fee for what you do.

As a young professional, there’s a level you get to and you’re confident to land paid roles with the skills you’ve garnered over years of voluntary work…

If only I can capture your reaction right now as you stare at the question again. I mean, who gets bored of making money?

Even the men who consistently show up on the “Forbes richest men in the world” list are still actively doing business and are doing their best possible to make sure their face appears in the list the following year. So who are you to get bored?

I’ll like you to look at this question again, but this time with an imagination that you’ve successfully built either companies, enterprises or businesses that consistently generate revenue and amass…

Starting with the words of Novelist Aldous Huxley, “Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are the dead.” It’s so hard to contest this because what other explanation would you give to so many people starting awesome things and not going through with it. Some even stop one week after inception.

Either it’s a workout routine, writing a paragraph a day, reading the weekly newsletter you subscribed to or uploading content on your blog; you’re mostly faced with laziness, procrastination and every other excuse available for not going back to continue whatever it is…

Clement Johnson

Living, Learning and Growing

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